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BrownPlanthopper.com is my blog dedicated to providing informations about brown planthoppers, A common agricultural pest. it can cause significant damage to crops.

About US Brown planthopper | BPH Blog

My Name is K.Ashokkumar School teacher and blogger with over 4 years of experience in Blogging. I Belongs from Farming Family and Farming is Our primary Business in my Culture.

I hold my M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed currently working as school teacher in Kumbakonam, Thanjavur District, India. Iam passionate about agriculture and pest control also started Brown Planthopper Blog to share my knowledge to help others to learn more about this important topic [ Brown Planthopper ].

in this Brownplanthopper blog I cover wide range of topics related to brown planthoppers including

  • Identification
  • Biology
  • Damage caused by brown planthoppers
  • Management and control strategies
  • Latest research and developments

I write about other agricultural pests & diseases also about general farming practices.

Brown Planthopper is a valuable resource for farmers, growers & anyone else. who wants to learn more about brown planthoppers and other agricultural pests. I Will write clear, concise and informative Articles about BPH information in my blog.

I will Do My Best Guys Keep Support Me.. Thank You & See yaa..

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